Welcome to leanideas

Welcome to leanideas.co.uk. Your lean journey starts here.  

We are a consultancy focused on bespoke projects that combine our expertise in lean thinking with our client’s issues and opportunities.  Our ability to work across client sectors comes from our deep understanding of how to make our client team successful using lean.  Whilst newly established, leanideas is based on twenty years of experience of improvement and innovation.  Some examples:
  • leading the lean transformation of a printing equipment business, winning their parent company’s most improved plant award two years consecutively for boosting on-time delivery to the very high nineties and productivity by over 40%;
  • helping a retail bank reduce their customer’s lead time by 80% for the purchase of complex financial products;
  • winning back enough capacity for a client in FMCG bottling to avert a £1.5M co-packing spend arising from unexpected success for a new product;
  • coaching a small team in a specialty chemicals business to increase their annual output from 0.6M to 1.1M litres without investment in additional capacity or people at a long running 100% on time delivery to their customers’ request dates; 
  • showing a NHS community provider to understand the root causes of length of stay (LOS) and delayed transfer to care (DTC). The team went on to develop their own exceptions-based daily management team process and to safely eliminate a costly multi-disciplinary meeting;
  • problem-solving with a technical team in a micro-fluidics business to increase first time pass rate of products from 55% to 97% using variation reduction techniques;
  • facilitating a journey for a capital equipment business to remove over £1M in inventory from their own and distributors’ stock by making to order, reducing lead time and improving on time delivery.
We undertake projects ranging from building a clients’ autonomous strategic lean capability to specific interventions to solve urgent business problems.  Having always had an emphasis on doing and helping others achieve, our approach is practical, simple and engaging.  Our objective is to create the environment, impart the skills and help clients do top quality problem solving with lasting results.

Some of our clients: